What Are You Waiting For?

It seems that perhaps it's not Arizona trying to purge me, but something much bigger.

But there's no hotel tonight, no hotel room with me and me, and a buffet of phentermine and dextromethorphan until all three no longer exist.

Dance it is. And so I remain.
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MooN DrifteR

Survived You

Stars Projecting
something Heart wrenching
given a choice
i'd rather be bleeding

I lost it all when i lost my needle
i loved it all when i was never


you're fucking everywhere
but you forgot me here

has time relapsed.. am I even a memory
or just a functionless doll..
the dog you forgot to feed?

the child you used to BEAT?!
the loser you DISCARDED?!
the asshole you would't CLAIM?!
the heart you STOLE AND MAIMED!?
the fiction in your STORY?!

shackled to what i used to love
was just the rememberance of
a Tweaked out soldier
with nothing to fight for.....
(the corpse on the battle field)

My Heart Survived You


Flynn Webber was like a shadow. No one in his family of six had ever payed him much never mind and he simply blended into the fabric that made up his shitty little world. Jeremy had adopted Flynn as his personal butt-boy and accomplice to make himself feel more important as well as make Flynn feel like he finally belonged somewhere. Trouble was....Jeremy did everything in his power to use and abuse him. Flynn would supply Jeremy with drugs, food and blowjobs-a-plenty, but that didn't stop Jeremy from stealing his money, taking all his drugs and using his car to fuck other people in. Flynn always knew all about it but never said shit. He was young and shoved so far up Jeremy's asshole that he could see out of the bellybutton. Flynn Webber was short and lithe with a body seemingly built from bird bones. Tipping the scale at a slight 110, Flynn looked even younger than his sixteen years..a trait that Jeremy found arousing. They had hooked up at a mutual friend's party and had taken ecstacy together. Being as that it was Flynn's first time doing E as well as getting laid, he naturally believed himself totally in love with Jeremy. In turn, Jeremy continued to use this weakness again and again as he sucked Flynn deeper and deeper into his wasted space. I actually had never met Flynn face to face. Can't even say that I really had anything against him. Let's just say he was in the wrong fucking place at the wrong fucking time(that being with Jeremy getting his ass fucked) when I payed Jeremy his fatal call. Too bad...poor kid. Who'd a thunk that so much blood and shit could've come from such a small, such a sickeningly little body?


Fuck. I couldn't believe what I had just done. It was four in the morning and the Mesa, Arizona air was thick and dusty. Monsoon season, just my fucking luck. I'd have to bury the bodies as deep as I could. Last thing I needed was a fucking rainstorm to come and wash them back to the surface. I had been trying to elude the inevitable and just stay away and try not to think about them....but I couldn't. I had realized over the past couple of weeks that I had to fucking kill Jeremy King, Flynn Webber and their fat-assed bastard of a faggot friend, Les Gronberg. The main thing that was taking so long was how and when I was going to do this. All I knew was I had to kill them and I had to do it soon. They just didn't need to keep breathing my air and taking up useless space on this shitty planet of ours anymore. All three of them were absolutely pathetic specimens of the human race. Jeremy was their leader. At 22, he stood tall, pale and stupid. He had been a rather dyslexic student throughout most of his schooling and the teachers had deemed him incompetent. By mid-high school, he was out of the closet and doing the goth scene which was where I met up with him originally. But by the end of his first year in college, he had become strung out on meth, living off his rich parents and fucking anything with a cock. Shit, as far as I was concerned, he was on his way to AIDS-land anyway. I was simply going to speed thing up and get him up and on his way! Jeremy what a fucking piece of shit. I killed him first.
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